Tanzania: Lpalamwa

In 2012, the Los Angeles Professional Chapter built a rainwater catchment system at the primary school in the village of Lpalamwa situated at the top of a hill with rain gutters, a slow sand filter, and (3) – 5000 liter storage tanks to supply water for the school children and approximately 1,600 villagers. The rainwater system helped secure a source of water in a difficult area due to the school’s location on top of a hill.

The village of Lulindi, at the bottom of the hill from the Lpalamwa, was equipped with a gravity-fed tap water distribution system that was nonoperational during the dry season. In 2015, the Los Angeles Professional Chapter improved existing tap stands and distribution pipes throughout the village, and installed a french drain system at the base of the hill to more effectively capture groundwater and improve their water supplies during the dry season.

French Drain
Rain Catchment