CECorps Mendocino County: Divine Lineage

The Los Angeles Professional Chapter (through EWB-USA’s Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) program) is providing engineering support to Divine Assistants International (Divine Lineage), a non-profit 501(c)3 spiritual community that operates the Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, California.  Divine Lineage’s mission is to protect, share, and utilize ancient healing knowledge and to provide charitable service to the needy.  A key part of their mission is to demonstrate how to live sustainably with the environment and humanity.

Divine Lineage had received notices of violation from the County of Mendocino Department of Planning and Building Services (Building PBS) for two existing structures, the Dhuni Cover and the Ganesh Pergola, which are used for community gatherings and events.  These structures had not been constructed in compliance with the County PBS building code.  Divine Lineage is in need of engineering services, including: review of the existing structures to determine whether they could be brought into compliance, potentially procurement of new structural design plans, and providing supporting structural calculations.  The EWB-LA project team of structural engineers have entered into an engineering service agreement to provide these services, and to provide engineering support as necessary to resolve the violations and achieve permitting approval for the two structures.

We are happy to partner with the Divine Lineage community and hope to continue to support them in their future engineering needs!

Divine Lineage website: https://divinelineage.org/